Payson Does Need A Full-Time Mayor



"I really don't think we need a full-time mayor?" That was the statement of Kenneth Murphy's April 26 KMOG radio address. Obviously he is sincere, as he exercised that same part-time attitude during his terms on the town council.

During the broadcast, he admitted to leaving Manzanita Manor in September of 1999 to take a regional directors job for Raintree Healthcare Corp. He traveled statewide to seven facilities until July 2001. During his 21 months, his council seat remained empty for many meetings.

The question is, what is part-time to Mr. Murphy? At the debates he said he likes to have a "good time." That takes time. He has to work. That takes much time. So how much of his time are the residents of Payson going to get if he's elected mayor? Part-time must mean whatever is leftover?

Why not latch onto full-time security and vote early or May 21 for Jim White, the man who has time to be mayor.

Hilda M. Crawford, Payson

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