Question The Candidates


It seems like forever since you could drive down a street uncluttered by White, Murphy, Henley or Knapp signs sprouting in yards and medians. When none of the candidates won an outright majority in the primary, that was pretty much guaranteed.

Now, after months of campaigning and thousands of dollars spent on advertisements, brochures and those signs, it all comes down to these final weeks in the election of a new Payson mayor and one last councilmember.

While we're all eager to put this election behind us, we disagree with those who say everything's been said that can be said.

In the Roundup next Tuesday, you'll find yet another pitch from each of the candidates, and we've specifically asked them to focus on some recent issues that have come to the fore since the primary.

Then at 7 p.m. Friday, June 10, the Roundup and Library Friends are sponsoring a final debate between the four candidates in the Payson High School auditorium. We invite you to submit any questions to the Roundup you would like the candidates to answer. A panel made up of representatives from the Roundup and Library friends will make the final determination, and we want the questions to reflect your interests and concerns.

But most important, we encourage you to join us for the debate. If you plan to attend opening festivities for the Payson Art League show that evening, we suggest going early so you can also attend the debate.

With important decisions ahead on water, growth and other issues that will impact our lives for years to come, the new town council needs to truly reflect the will of the people. We believe the best way for that to happen is for citizens to have as much information as possible on which to base their votes.

Like French writer Joseph Joubert said, "It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.

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