White Needs To Meet Challenge Of Debate



An Open Letter to Jim White:

Your willingness to serve and go through the process to serve the town of Payson as its mayor is commendable. As are most residents and voters in Payson, I haven't been highly political, yet deeply desire leadership that will meet the challenges of the future with wisdom and caring.

As you are aware, history has taught that a democratic society works best when its citizens are well informed.

Speaking for myself and many others, I'd much rather vote "for" someone based upon their ideas, personal experience and principles than cast a negative vote by voting against one of the candidates.

I want you to know that I'm having a hard time applying those principles in this election. Here's why:

Beginning with the early "Questions to the Candidates" in the Roundup, your answers have been extremely brief. I'm sure you didn't want to offend anyone. But, in doing so, your answers didn't provide the detailed vision I was hoping for in our mayor.

You have many signs around town, are able to print full-page newspaper ads and have many wealthy supporters. Yet, you consistently refuse to agree to debate your positions and true qualifications in a public forum.

It's not enough to meet with small groups and tell each group what they want to hear.

I strongly urge you to publicly meet with Ken Murphy before the election and tell me and the rest of the voters in Payson what you really stand for. You're the candidate. It's our town. We deserve to know.

I've learned that if you won't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. It's time for you to stand up.

Larry Brophy, Payson

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