Knapp Represents Balance, Stability



Payson needs a true conservative on the new town council. Someone to take the place of Hoby Herron, and who is not afraid to stand up for his convictions, whether they be on water, streets or economics. There is only one candidate to replace the retiring Hoby, and that person is Kenny Knapp.

We have been acquainted with Kenny for more than seven years, and he has lived here for 15. His work ethic is outstanding. He has been at the town council meetings, Ad Hoc committee meetings and various board committee meetings over the past two years. Also, he has personally studied many pertinent reports necessary to becoming a councilman. In other words, he has been faithfully doing his homework.

In addition to town affairs, Kenny is very active in church work and with the Habitat for Humanity. The betterment of this community he loves is his main goal for Payson. Above all, Kenny is for a secure water supply, keeping our taxes down and seeing that a comprehensive street improvement program will help everyone.

For balance and sensibility when needed, Payson should have a citizen advocate on this new council. So, please, vote for Kenny Knapp, because we all need his help.

Bill and Carol Michaelis, Payson

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