Murphy Has Paid His Dues



Before we take seriously Jim White as a Town of Payson mayoral candidate, he needs to follow the example of Judy Buettner and Dick Wolfe, two of his strongest supporters.

Upon arrival in Payson, Judy and Dick became actively involved in volunteer work that gave them public recognition, respect and appreciation. Some of us surmise their ultimate goal was to seek public office, but before they cast their hats into the political arena, they gave generously of their talents and time to local causes.

Resum some more impressive than others, are what new residents bring to a community. Jim White is no exception. he has touted his with large newspaper ads that include letters from and photos with political VIPs. But to legitimize his leadership abilities in Payson, he should first run for a town council seat, or the school board, or president of a civic club, or serve on the board of a prominent local entity, etc. To my knowledge, he has done none of the above. Am I wrong?

Though I no longer reside or vote in Payson, who sits on the town council is of great interest and concern to me because what happens in Payson affects to a large extent my personal life: pollution, water, growth, city taxes, land annexations, etc.

Ken Murphy gets my vote as the better-qualified candidate for mayor of the Town of Payson. He has 17 years residency, almost eight years on the town council with one as vice-mayor, extensive community volunteer work, an impressive academic background with an MBA and other degrees, awards and commendations.

Ken Murphy has paid his dues. Jim White needs to catch up.

Mary Lou Lopez-Miller, Star Valley

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