Paint Your Own Pottery


Looking for a great way to spend a couple of hours burning off some creative energy? Tired of the crayons, markers and pens? Worried that you don't have an artistic bone in your body? Want some one else to clean up the mess? There is a place for you in Pine.

Check out the "Paint Your Own Pottery" booth inside Cyd's Art and Antique Gallery at the north end of Pine on Highway 87.

Cyd Totten explains the basic steps with a smile.

Customers select a raw piece of bisque ware (pottery), and paint it with the supplies provided by the shop.

Pots can be painted, sponged, stamped or stenciled. Come back the following Sunday and you will have a finished piece of your very own designer pottery.

"I started this because there wasn't much to do in Pine," Cyd said. A certified art teacher, she has spent 15 years in the classroom stirring the creative juices in children.

"I get my 'kid fix' this way," she said.

She also is ready and willing to throw in design suggestions and trade secrets for bringing customer ideas to three-dimensional life.

Creativity is not a prerequisite, Totten promises her clients they will walk away with a piece of which they can be proud.

Among Totten's frequent clients are Linda Schaefer and her 17-year-old daughter, Holly, of Payson. Linda is finishing an ongoing project of coffee mugs. She and four friends spend a week together once a year and they each bring small gifts. This year Linda will hand out custom designed coffee mugs, with a personal touch.

"There is a lot of satisfaction in giving a gift you have worked on," Linda said.

Her mugs are a simple design of a solid color and a matching brighter color sponged on top. Holly paints the inside another color and adds an intricate pattern of dots to the tops.

"This place is so therapeutic," Linda said. "You don't think of anything else. The time just flies."

"It's enjoyable," Holly said in agreement.

The combination of colors, the number of coats and the artist's own input will bring individuality and character to an otherwise plain piece of pottery. So each piece is different, unique to the hands that create it.

Cyd offers walk-in service as well as birthday and wine and cheese parties.

The pottery ranges in price from $2.50 to $22.50 and a studio fee is added.

Call Cyd at 476-2429 for group rates, times and more information.

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