Seafood Cafe No Longer Fishing For Opening Date


"We're waiting for the plumber to finish his work, and then we'll have final inspections, and then we'll be open in a week to a week-and-a-half," says Greig Perrin, who with his partner, Jason Keith, has been trying to launch G & J's Cajun Seafood Cove since early December.

The six-month delay, Perrin said, had to do with getting their building the former site of the Bright Ideas gift shop, located at the south end of the Swiss Village to code per the demands of the town of Payson.

"At one point we were ready to throw in the towel," said Perrin, who also owns and operates the 260 Cafe. "But we got so far into it that we couldn't afford to lose all that money."

G & J's Cajun Seafood Cove will be a combination fast-seafood restaurant and fish market with a menu featuring fish, shrimp and oyster baskets with chips, or in "po' boy" sandwiches; catfish and crawfish dishes; various gumbos, jambalayas, ettouffees, and a host of other New Orleans' favorites.

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