Councilmember Enjoyed Being Part Of The 'Team'


As the general election looms before us and my days on the town council wind down to just one more meeting, I feel compelled to express my feelings to the great citizens of Payson.

While I have had the opportunity in the past to serve my community, my state, and my nation in many different forms, the past four-year experience has been my greatest honor. I want to sincerely and humbly thank Payson for that honor.

I am very proud of the many accomplishments of the past four years and painfully aware of the few disappointments. I would invite the public to either attend the June 13 town council meeting or view it on television. At that meeting a presentation will be made about the significant accomplishments and progress made in our town from 1998 through today. I do not take credit for any one of the successes but rather give full credit to the collective town councils I served with the past four years. We were a team.

Many friends have asked me why I didn't again run for the council or even the mayor's position. While I have enjoyed the challenges of being a councilmember, I firmly believe that after four years it is time to step aside and time to let the Reeses and Buettners take their time at bat. New citizens with new ideas are really the keys to successful local government.

I am leaving our town council in good hands. As the result of the primary election, the Payson town council has five progressive members on board. Irrespective of the election results of the May 21 general election, Payson is guaranteed to have a majority of forward-thinking citizens serving on our town council.

Again, a sincere thanks for the opportunity to serve Payson.

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