Four Officers Promoted To Sergeant


The Payson Police Department recently got four new sergeants more than doubling the number of officers who previously held that rank, and bringing the total to seven.

At a ceremony last week, the promotions were bestowed upon Officers Doug Johnson, Don Garvin, Dean Faust, and John Heflin all of whom have been on the Payson force from 5 to 12 years, Lt. Don Engler said.

The promotions followed a testing process that was completed after the town council approved the hiring of new sergeants earlier this year.

"Our main purpose for (getting the hires approved) was so we can, finally after all these years, have 24-hour police supervision," Engler said. "That's something we've been concerned about, liability-wise. It just makes good sense to have a supervisor on duty at all hours of the day and night. The Payson Police department has never had that in the past."

Also, Engler said, the promotions "helps our efforts to build the framework for a growing police department.

"It will allow us to develop the squad system more so that, if we get new officers in the future, we'll be able to add them in to the system and spread out the supervisory responsibilities a little," Engler said.

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