'Join Us In Voting For Henley'



We have been friends with Robert and Ann Henley for over three years.

We have watched Robert participate in meetings and discuss issues, and we know he does his homework. We have found him to be honest, sincere, energetic and a very good listener.

Robert carefully studies all sides of the issues, and after serious consideration, we are certain he will draw the best possible conclusion that will serve Payson in the long term.

He will listen to you carefully and with respect. Robert can clearly explain his reasoning so that everyone can understand why this choice was made.

We believe opposing sides can be brought closer together, more cooperation be gained, and a more cohesive Payson be attained with the representation of Robert Henley on our town council.

We have a feeling of assurance and trust that we think Payson has been looking for and deserves. Robert is very approachable.

Please vote. Take a neighbor to vote. Tell friends to vote. And if you feel comfortable, join us in voting for Robert Henley for town council.

Byron and Coyla McKean, Payson

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