What's Up?


Q: As the town council election campaign winds down, it seems as though everybody is complaining about vandalized and stolen signs. Is there a penalty for this, and are the police doing anything about it?

A: The Payson Police Department has received reports of signs being stolen, knocked down or otherwise vandalized, Lt. Don Engler said. He said the police do have some juvenile suspects, and if apprehended they can be prosecuted for criminal damage, as well as theft.

Q: In a letter to the editor on Friday, May 3, eighth-grader Scott Frost wrote about the town's need for a recreation center for youth. What would it take to get a YMCA branch here in Payson?

A: A lot more corporate support than a small town like Payson can muster, Parks Director Bill Schwind.

"The Y is a private, non-profit organization that relies heavily on corporate donations," he said. "We just don't have that kind of size."

But, Schwind says, the feasibility of a community center is being studied by the town at this very moment.

The first phase of a feasibility study has been completed and will be presented to the town council in June. At that time, the council will be asked to fund a second phase that will further define community needs.

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