White's Signs: Actions Speak Louder Than Words



Everyone that knows how to read knows that actions speak louder than words.

Did any Payson business people or business employees attend the debate this past Friday? If so, did anyone else pick up on the gaffe by Jim White?

Of the four candidates for two offices, only one, Jim White, didn't support our local printers. He says he was being "fiscally responsible." If you're a local printer, try taking that to the bank.

However, the kicker was his defense. He boasted that he has the receipts of $10,000 that he spent at our Wal-Mart this past year. For him, that constitutes supporting "local" business.

For all us local business people and people who work for local businesses, please pray that we don't have too many more people like this supporting us.

Thanks, Jim. By your own actions, you gave us all a great wake-up call to cast our votes for Ken Murphy for mayor.

Larry Brophy, Payson

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