Concerned About The Future? Vote Henley



I'm urging my friends and the voters in Payson to vote for Robert Henley for Payson's town council May 21. My wife and I moved to Payson about 18 months ago and really didn't know anything about Payson's town government. Since that time, we have become aware that there are a number of issues our citizens have and that need to be addressed.

I have spoken with Robert Henley and he has indicated he would like to reduce the community's divisiveness and promote unity, which will reach out and involve people who are concerned about the future of Payson. The recent defeat of the road bond is an example of how many of our citizens are concerned that streets have not been maintained and improved with current operating funds. Robert's views on fiscally conservative budget management, our water supply, and business development are a common-sense approach to the future of Payson.

Those of you who know me are aware that my work in Kiwanis centers around the future of Payson our children. Robert Henley supports a business-friendly environment that will promote opportunities for better paying jobs, so that when our kids complete their education, they can return to Payson with the promise of employment.

Robert supports a thorough review of how to increase our water supply to meet current and future needs. He understands the needs of Payson.

If you are concerned about your future and your children's future, you should vote for Robert Henley for town council.

Bob Hibbert, Payson

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