What's Up?


Q: With all this talk about a full-time mayor versus a part-time mayor, how much does the mayor make anyway?

A: Not a heck of a lot.

Glen Smith, chief fiscal officer for the town, said the mayor makes $500 a month, while councilors take home $250 a month.

Q: There are sure a lot of idiots driving around town with big dogs on their laps with their heads sticking out the window. Isn't there a law against that and why isn't it enforced?

A: Yes there is a law, Arizona revised statute 28.8.93, which says, in part, "A person shall not drive a vehicle when the vehicle's load or passengers obstruct the driver's view to the front or sides of the vehicle or interfere with the driver's control over the vehicle's driving mechanism."

Payson Police Department Lt. Don Engler says the statute is enforced when possible.

Engler says the best thing you can do when transporting a dog is to maintain separation between you and the animal. Two options are investing in a rack that separates the front seat area from the back, or simply placing the animal in the back seat and running a seat belt through its leash.

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