White A Successful Employee, Teacher, Legislator, Leader



What a blessing it is when we have qualified and dedicated people running for our town offices. I am always pleased when the candidates address the priority issues facing our residents, and those dedicated to serving the community.

I am usually intrigued by the identified correlation frequently addressed when it relates to time in a job, time of residence, or age longevity, or lack of. While these should be considered, they should only be considered with priority relevance to the identified task, responsibility, or job to be accomplished. Therefore, I rate these items way down the list of qualification priorities, when consideration is given to the next town manager, council members and mayor.

Experience qualifications, ability to objectively assess the facts related to the decision-making process, leadership skills, communication skills, open mindedness, identified priority to accomplish job description, vision of the future, are only a few of those things that really count when it comes to me casting my support and/or vote for a given individual.

I have known Ken Murphy for over a dozen years. I have worked with him, and consider him a friend. I have known Jim White for over 30 years. I have worked with him, and consider him a friend.

When it comes to voting for mayor, just like the signs read, "I am voting for Jim White." I voted for him in the primary election, and I am voting for him again in the general election.

Jim White has demonstrated his qualifications in all of the skill I identify as desirable for the mayor's job. He has demonstrated a knowledge and willingness to learn of the challenges facing the town of Payson better than some people who have lived here all of their lives. However, his personal abilities enable him to properly seek community solutions for major issues, rather than attempting to superimpose a personal cookbook or biased idea upon our citizens.

I have known Jim White to be successful as an employee, a teacher, a businessman, councilman, Arizona legislator, leader of people, dependable public servant, civic organization member, and a person who attempts to practice Christian principles on a routine basis.

My first wish is for every registered voter to exercise our right to vote, and the responsibility to demonstrate that privilege, in an informed manner. My second wish is that after true assessment of the facts and qualifications, you will join with me in electing Jim White as our next mayor for the town of Payson.

Hoyt Kenmore, Payson

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