Getting Settled Takes A Plan, Time


I have always enjoyed the challenge of organizing my time and the tasks I needed to accomplish.

The credit for this odd habit rests at my mother's feet. Of all the people I know, I think there is no one I admire more than my mother.

She worked full-time as a home economics teacher, raised my sisters and me mostly on her own, took care of the house and all the bills, the cooking, the cleaning and laundry.

She made schedules and lists and was able to get things accomplished.

I make lists too and am fairly successful at getting things accomplished at work. It's on the homefront, I tend to stumble.

And moving from Camp Verde to Payson these last few weeks, I have not only stumbled, but crumpled into a gelatinous, twitching heap more than a few times.

I honestly tried to make lists to keep me on track and organized for the move, but for some reason or another, something would come up and I would get derailed.

At times I felt so totally overwhelmed by all my stuff, the boxes and cleaning that I just dropped everything and slumped to the floor, eyes closed.

Consequently my feeble attempts at keeping my move organized, directing my belongings to one of three places they are residing, dissolved into dust.

Once the actual move began, things were just gathered by the armload and tossed into boxes, which were then sealed with tape. Other things were shoved into plastic garbage bags and tossed in the moving van or one of our cars.

When you have volunteers come from 40 to 50 miles in either direction, you don't quibble with what is being put in which box and where it is going to end up. You are just eternally grateful for strong backs and good sports.

But now, trying to get settled in Payson, I am facing a small challenge. Where is what I need and how can I get to it and get it into the house without causing things to overflow into the street?

So, I have decided on a reverse approach. Deal with what's at hand, pack up the stuff that should really be in storage, make a list of the things to bring inside, then make a plan about where they should go.

With my sisters' help, since I am living with them, we started in the kitchen. Eating was a priority naturally. Cabinets and cupboards were reorganized and filled with my cooking things from Camp Verde.

The next area to be tackled was the "public" space where we set up my office: the breakfast nook. One of my sisters hooked up my computer and put all my books in the shelf unit I had asked to have in the house.

It was still pretty much wall-to-wall boxes, so I culled my collection of cookbooks, rearranged them, then unloaded still more boxes. Finally (and I use the term lightly) I cleared off my desk and organized things to get bills paid.

The next area to be tackled is the bathroom, a space I share with my youngest sister. This will be followed by making my bedroom a more livable space.

Then, in the end, I will have boxes to take to storage, a list of things that I want to come to the house and maybe some peace of mind.

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