'Town Challenges Are Important To Me'



I want to thank all my supporters and volunteers for their efforts over the past seven months of this campaign for town council. Ann and I are humbled by the hundreds of hours people spent helping with mailings, telephone calling, door-to-door canvassing and maintaining the signs around town. Without their help, this campaign would not have been successful.

I would like to say to the citizens and businesses of Payson, I am excited to have the opportunity to serve you as a member of the town council. I will listen and consider your points of view on issues that are important to you.

I appreciate the effectiveness of Kenny Knapp's campaign and his efforts to keep it focused on issues. Many people have expressed the opinion that we both conducted a positive campaign and I hope he and Lois stay active in town matters. All of his supporters should understand their input, opinions and suggested solutions to town challenges are important to me and I want to hear them.

The new council has a real opportunity to work together in a collaborative way as we develop solutions to the challenges we face. Along with the town staff, we can formulate plans, implement ordinances and manage our finances in a fiscally conservative way for the betterment of our community. Of course, the real issue is to define "betterment of our community" in a way we all can get behind and support. Please participate in the process as we all work toward an acceptable definition.

Robert Henley, Payson

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