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Q: What's up with KMOG? Since the fires began last Tuesday, it's surprising how little information they have provided. They need to get their act together and keep the local population updated.

A: Blaine Kimball, KMOG station manager, thinks it's probably a matter of perception. During the Dude fire, when the immediate area was threatened, KMOG broadcast around the clock to keep locals informed, and now some people expect that kind of coverage for any fire in the area.

News director Dan Haapala agrees.

"We want people to be very aware of the danger in our forest right now," he said. "To that end, I've been doing news related to the fires that were in our area. However there has been no intense coverage because there has been no specific threat to Payson or the Rim country at the moment."

Q: I live in Strawberry and I'm getting ready to put in a garden. Are there going to be any restrictions this year, and am I just wasting my time?

A: According to a letter to Strawberry property owners from Brooke Utilities, "Strawberry water storage is critically low."

Doesn't look like putting in a garden would make a lot of sense. Rose Harper of Strawberry's MVP Realty keeps a careful watch on the Strawberry water situation. She agrees.

"I was out of water last Saturday night, and I live in Strawberry Creek Foothills," Harper said. "I'm never out of water. We're in a severe drought, so we all need to conserve. This is not a year to plant a garden."

As Brooke says in its letter, "Water conservation is everybody's business. Please do your part."

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