Council Confirms Election Results


The Payson Town Council will formally accept the ballots from the May 21 election at a special meeting tonight (Tuesday).

The council meets at 5 p.m. to canvass the ballots and declare Ken Murphy and Robert Henley officially elected to the posts of mayor and councilman respectively.

The final count of the votes, including 12 ballots not processed during election night:

In the mayoral race, Murphy, 1,556; Jim White, 1532;

In the council race, Henley, 1,567; Kenny Knapp, 1,513.

Payson had 3,150 voters participate out of its 8,983 registered citizens, for a 35.1 percent turnout. Of these, 1,896 were regular ballots and 1,282 were early ballots. There were 14 spoiled ballots and two rejected.

Returns by voting district:

District 1, which includes Precincts 1 and 3, had 1,023 valid ballots: Murphy, 506; White, 492; Henley, 502; Knapp, 493.

District 2, which includes Precincts 2 and 6, had 716 valid ballots: Murphy, 342; White, 358; Henley, 328; Knapp, 365.

District 3, with Precincts 7 and 8 had 589 ballots cast: Murphy, 288; White, 290; Henley, 285; Knapp, 289.

District 4, with Precincts 4 and 5 had 832 ballots cast: Murphy, 420; White, 392; Henley, 452; Knapp, 366.

In other business at the special meeting, the council has been asked to approve contracts with insurance vendors: Blue Cross/Blue Shield for major medical; Medical Life Insurance for life insurance; Avesis International for vision coverage; Delta Dental Plan for dental coverage; and Jefferson Pilot for long term disability insurance.

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