By-Pass Would Spell Disaster For Businesses



Regarding the letter on the by-pass (10/29/02 issue)

The by-pass would be a disaster for the many Payson businesses that depend on spur of the moment and visitor pass-through traffic.

Payson is not a resort or vacation destination, regardless of current fanciful thought. It is a pass-through. Most people stop here for goods and services on their way to other locations.

And if you research the majority of the property owners along the proposed by-pass route, you will find that most of the owners are a small minority of land speculators and former politicians looking toward their retirement program.

And the local Indian tribe has no wish to see traffic diverted from the front door of Payson, where their gold mine is located.

It seems that some memories are short and faulty, or has the ADOT meeting at a local restaurant two years ago, and its conclusions and recommendations, been forgotten.

Let's not hurt our local businesses and enrich some selfish, pompous speculators at the same time.

Robert Elliott, Payson

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