Tyler Parkway Light Needed For Traffic



The recent comments in the Roundup questioning the need for a traffic light at Tyler Parkway and Hwy. 260 suggest that this light is unnecessary, that it will impede the "smooth" flow of traffic, and that it is being installed to satisfy the whim of affluent golfers residing at the Rim Golf Club.

In our opinion, the new light is much needed to regulate the increasingly heavy traffic on Hwy. 260.

We all know that many thousands of Phoenicians, truckers and other long-distance drivers find Payson an annoying impediment to their high-speed travels.

After enduring our Payson traffic lights, they then hit the apparently empty forested two miles of four-lane highway between the town and Star Valley. Here, most of these drivers hit 65 to 70 mph going downhill, accelerating and racing one another, barely slowing down in Star Valley.

Unlike Mr. Marquardt who opposes the light and lives in Payson, we have to cross Hwy. 260 at Highline Drive every day. The new light hopefully should space out the heaviest high speed, downhill traffic enough to enable us to get across the road without getting rammed at high speed.

Hundreds of people are now living not only in the Rim Golf Club, but Chaparral Pines, The Knolls, Pine Ridge and less affluent homes along Valley Road and Star Vale Road and further east in Star Valley, who would also appreciate better spacing of the downhill traffic.

Please think of the new light not as an inconvenience for Payson residents, but as a necessity for the safety of your neighbors along East Highway 260.

In regard to the current limited use of 25 mph Tyler Parkway, we find Hwy 260 traffic is now so heavy later in the day and on weekends, that we choose at such times to drive through downtown Payson rather than try to cross at this dangerous intersection.

In contrast to Mr. Marquardt, we appreciate the generosity of the Rim Golf Club for donating the money for this light. One final thought: it might be a good idea to switch the traffic stop light to a cautionary blinking yellow light during light usage hours - eg: at night.

Art and Grace Fayen, The Knolls, Star Valley

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