County Races Mostly Quiet


The big noise in this year’s election came from the Congressional and state contests. Gila County races were mostly quiet.

Education big debate

The big debate in this part of the world was primarily over forming a provisional college district and creating a joint technology education district. Both these measures were approved in the votes tallied election night. The provisional district won 66.8 percent or 6,883 votes, with 43.7 percent or 5,334 votes opposed.

The JTED was approved 2,969 to 1,656, or 64.2 to 35.8 percent.

There were only a small number of actual races for offices, most candidates ran unopposed.

In northern Gila County there were five races, plus the contest for the District 2 Board of Supervisors seat.

The tally in the supervisor race showed Joe Sanchez with 59 percent or 1,951 votes, and Roberta Johnson, a write-in candidate, with 41 percent or 1,355 votes.

These totals, and those reported below, do not reflect a full count of all the early ballots mailed in for the Nov. 5 election. There is a possibility that those votes could change the election’s outcome.

Other northern Gila County races

  • Superior Court Judge, Div. 1: Peter Cahill had 52.2 percent or 6,106 votes to James Hazel Jr.’s 47.8 percent or 5,600 votes.
  • Young School Board, two seats: Dorothy Yancy, 35.8 percent or 138 votes; Barry Dille, 34.8 percent or 134 votes; and Judy German, 29.4 percent or 113 votes.
  • Christopher-Kohls Fire District, two seats: Michaelene Marazza, 31.3 percent or 78 votes; Power Webb, 25.7 percent or 64 votes; Robert Schilling, 21.7 percent or 54 votes; David Lloyd, 21.3 percent or 53 votes.
  • Tonto Village Fire District, one seat: Irvin Bossert, 41.8 percent or 33 votes; Lorraine Mathews, 40.5 percent or 32 votes; Daryl Kilbourne, 17.7 percent or 14 votes.
  • Rim Trail Water District, two seats: Harry McFate, 45.2 percent or 14 votes; David McKibben, 38.7 percent or 12 votes; Robert Owens, 16.1 percent or five votes.

The county’s uncontested races went to: Daisy Flores, county attorney; Margaret Toot, clerk of the Superior Court; Robert Duber, judge of Superior Court, Div. 2; Ronnie McDaniel, Payson Justice of the Peace; Eddie Armer, Payson Regional Constable.

Also winning uncontested races were: Viki Holmes and Albert Hunt, Payson school board; Suzanne Fumusa, Pine-Strawberry school board; George Ewing, Tonto Basin school board; Sheri Kovar, Tonto Basin school board; Lois Ruder and Pat Tatum, Gisela Valley Fire District; Virginia Ennen, Mesa del Caballo Fire District; Karen Kellen, Pine-Strawberry Fire District; and Curt Rambo, Tonto Basin Fire District.

Elected to the Northern Gila County Sanitary District Board were Robert Sanders and Robert Welker.

The decisions on adopting the Uniform Fire Code in the Christopher-Kohls and Tonto Basin fire districts were mixed. In the Christopher-Kohls district, the vote was 85-40 opposing adoption; while in Tonto Basin, the vote was in favor of adoption, 262-130.

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