Internet Cable Service Short On Service Side



Over the last 10 days the Internet service from Cablevision has been worse than usual.

There have been outages that have lasted hours only to go down again shortly after you have been assured it is fixed, rude call-center people who are either in Flagstaff or Missouri and could care less whether your cable works or not and different excuses that are always someone else’s fault (mostly it’s the phone company).

When we built our house, we had originally wired it for satellite, but after finding out we could only get cable Internet service if we subscribed to cable TV also, we went ahead and signed up with Cablevision (the TV service leaves a lot to be desired too, especially if you want to watch channel 12 or 52).

We started having problems with the Internet just kicking us off at random and after several service calls out to check our problem we were told by a supervisor that the calls were costing them money so if they got another call out to us for that problem they would just disconnect our Internet service. Because we like the high-speed service, we have put up with that problem. For the last 10 days, however, we haven’t been able to get through a day without the service going down.

They have given us a few days credit but I was told there was a limit to the amount of credit they can give, even if the service is out.

If a non-monopoly business were run this way, they would already be out of business. It would be nice if when you called with a problem you got an office in Payson where you talked to a neighbor who cared about what was going on.

I am just wondering, does the town have any control?

When we lived in Mesa, they had a person in the mayor’s office who handled complaints about the cable companies. When you contacted them all of the “so-called” problems that the cable company was having miraculously disappeared and your cable was fixed, for fear of loss of rights to provide cable in the city.

Also, if the problem is with the phone lines, why don’t they expedite the 2-way cable service that they keep promising? It seems that would be cheaper for them in the long run.

Vernon Randall, Payson

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