Advertising Campaign Helped Avert Economic Disaster



I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to the Payson Town Council for their collective courage and investment of $75,000 taxpayer dollars last July to promote tourism in Payson and the Rim country.

The closure of the national forests combined with the Rodeo/Chediski Fire early this summer appeared to have sealed the fate of Payson’s largest economic engine, tourism. The members of our town council realized there was a need for speed to avert a major economic disaster for our business community and subsequent loss of sales tax for the town. The councilmembers stepped up to the plate and did what was right. Without the town-sponsored advertising campaign, many local small businesses may not have been able to financially make it through this past summer.

Bob Ware and the Payson Regional Chamber of Commerce are also to be congratulated for implementing an effective advertising campaign that the council funded.

This partnership was an excellent example of government and business working together for the benefit of the overall community.

Doug Brackin, Payson

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