Fes Students Mentally, Physically Fit


Frontier Elementary School students are proving their versatility.

Less than a year after FES students swept the top three spots in a spelling bee against the district’s other elementary schools, Frontier was notified that it also placed first in the state in the President’s Challenge a nationwide physical fitness test.


Frontier Elementary School principal Gail Gorry congratulates some of the 73 students who ranked in the top 15 percent nationwide in the President’s Challenge physical fitness competition. FES placed first in Arizona among schools its size.

“We had the highest percentage of any school our size in the state about 18 percent who met the qualifications in five categories,” said Wayne Gorry, who taught physical education at FES last school year when the award was earned.

Gorry, who now teaches third grade at Julia Randall Elementary said the five categories are:

  • Aerobic endurance, tested by a one mile run.
  • Flexibility, a sit and reach test.
  • Body strength and endurance, tested with pushups or pullups.
  • Abdominal strength and endurance, basically a situp test.
  • Speed and agility, a shuttle run.

Seventy-three current and former JRE students qualified in all five categories by ranking in the top 15 percent nationwide. Those students and some faculty members who also qualified were honored at an assembly last week.

“I feel really good about the achievement because we hear so much news about how Americans are becoming so obese and not physically fit,” Gorry said. “Here we have a pretty high percentage of students demonstrating that they are fit, and we had a lot of students who were close, who passed four of the five categories.”

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