Posse In Two Brief Searches


Two different searches for three men had happy conclusions last week.

Two hikers and one hunter were reported missing Monday, Nov. 4. The Gila County Sheriff’s Posse was called out to assist on two different fronts.

Posse members were asked by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office to help locate the hikers’ vehicle and lend a hand in the search for a hunter from the San Carlos Reservation. The hunter was located right away.

The hikers’ vehicle was found at the Reavis Ranch trailhead. The search for the hikers became the responsibility of Gila County, and a Department of Public Safety helicopter also was called in for the search.

The hikers walked out at about the same time the helicopter arrived, according to Lu DuBois, Search and Rescue public information officer.

The reason for the delay in the hikers’ return was the need to find water, which was not where they expected to find it. The task took so much time, they decided to stay another night in the forest before hiking out. The remote location of their trail and the mountains made it impossible to get word of the delay to their families by cell phone.

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