Community Gets Spruced Up For Holiday Season



Saturday was not a very good day to get in the Christmas spirit it rained like cats and dogs all day, but that didn’t stop the group of people that showed up to help decorate the highway for the holidays.

Gary Anderson, president of Christopher Creek Homeowners Association, thanks these residents for coming out in such bad weather and doing something nice for the community: Chuck Schmitt, Judy Tolle, Gary and Jean Thomas, Mark McCay, Marge Anderson Paul Fritz and Mary Wigner, Jim Laffey, and five of Clayton’s children and grandchildren, Gordon and Natalie Stroup and their children, and Carolyn Vasquez.

This group of hearty souls worked through the rain and slogged through the mud to get the Christmas lights hung and Santa on the trees for everyone to enjoy.

Everyone returned to the fire station to dig into Gary’s chili, Jim’s stew, Karen’s goulash and Mary and Judy’s delicious pies. It was a great lunch eaten by some very hungry workers. Special thanks to Clayton who lets them store all the decorations in his shop; to his cousins and others for helping them get baby Jesus and Santa out of storage.

Chuck Schmitt worked hard that day hanging the many displays. He lost a blue portable drill case, including spare battery and recharger that may have fallen off the back of his truck. If anyone finds it, call me at 478-4519.

Although they all worked very hard, nothing is hooked up, more spots have to go in place and more trees need to be decorated. Of course, much remains to be done. Next week, Sally Tharp, Karen Thorton and myself will head out and decorate more trees and hook things up. Anyone else who would like to help can call Sally at 478-0360 and let her know.

Don’t forget that Christopher Creek Homeowners Association is getting a dumpster for clean up. Saturday, Nov. 30, they will accept bags of leaves and needles beginning at 8 a.m. There is a charge of 30 cents a bag. There will be no pickup. Once the dumpster is full, they will direct people to the transfer station. This is a great opportunity for everyone to clean up the community, to reduce fire hazard and to work off some of that Thanksgiving stuffing.

Olive Matus said Helen Roschivol’s brother, Ray Herman, died last week. Helen and Bud use to live on Apple Lane and had a towing service in Christopher Creek about 28 years ago. Bud and Helen died a few years ago.

This Saturday, the family is going up on the Rim and have a memorial service for all three of them and then they will scatter there ashes over the Rim.

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