Council May Be Guilty By Association



Payson Town Council:

It’s way past time for all of you to take action regarding the deplorable situation the town of Payson has gotten itself into by electing our current mayor. We fully recognize this may not have been your individual selection for mayor; however, unless you take action in this regard, you all will be guilty by association.

The present actions of this individual are not new. You all had concerns in this regard prior to the election.

The fact of the matter is that nothing has changed nor will it.

At the very minimum, you can produce a “No Confidence” resolution with unanimous support of the council.

There may be, in the town charter or bylaws, a legal way the council itself can remove the mayor.

If you choose to do nothing, then prepare yourself to take increasing flak over this issue. The Garcia property fiasco should be clue enough for each of you.

Like Symington and Mecham, this individual makes Payson the laughing stock of the southwest.

Stand up and take action.

Bruce and Carolyn Wilson, Payson

(Editor’s note: According to Town Attorney Sam Streichman, the state of Arizona does not give local governments the authority to remove an elected official from office.)

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