Fiancee Apologizes For Mayor’S Trouble


To the citizens of Payson:

I am so deeply sorry for the recent events concerning Kenny. I want to apologize to all of you for what happened. But, I also want you to know something about him. He is the nicest, most caring man I have ever known. I have never known someone more patriotic about his country or Arizona. He loves Payson. We went through a campaign since last September that was brutal. He won. I know we went through tougher times then, than even now.

People come up to him everywhere we are to discuss their issues he never blows them off. He always has time for them. He has served this community as a nurse, as a firefighter, as a councilman, as a member of nearly every civic organization and as my best friend. I know he is the best mayor this town has ever had or ever will.

I know him as a man who loves his children and my children. I know him as a man who stands up for what he believes. I know him as a man who has pushed me to go to school and better myself. He is a good and caring person.

I was in an abusive relationship before. I was beaten when I was pregnant. I would never stand for that again from any man. Kenny never has, and never would do that to me. We had an argument over something stupid and I share the blame. He threw my clothes on the hood of my car that is a far cry from what he has been accused of. I never felt threatened and never have. I understand co-dependency. I am a woman who has learned from a bad experience to be strong and take responsibility.

Once again, I am sorry for what has happened but please understand that this was a simple argument that only became public because I acted before thinking and called the police in anger, not because I was threatened. I just ask that people let our family heal and move forward in private and simply ask for your prayers and support.

Julie Barcom, Payson

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