Honorable Thing Would Be To Step Down



Mayor and Council:

I am a new resident (six months) to the community and chose this town based on a number of positive factors.

Unfortunately, based on the public information outlined on two separate occasions in the Payson Roundup and The Arizona Republic about Mayor Ken Murphy, I would have to question the leadership role of the town. The personal life of this individual should not be under public scrutiny; but, when his actions make it a public issue, he discredits all those within the town trying to provide guidance.

I travel a great deal and the first queries while in Phoenix on business today were, “What is going on in Payson? What kind of mayor do you have up there?”

Ask yourselves, how many people considering relocation to our community or some other town will question the community leadership and image based on information they have, or will read, and choose to reside elsewhere. It is not about Mayor Murphy’s personal problems, it is about the town of Payson asking Mayor Murphy to represent the people with dignity, class and honor.

If the personal decisions (made public) that he has made previously are an indication of the public decisions we can expect, then the honorable action, Mayor Murphy, would be to withdraw from your tarnished position to help the community rebuild the image that brought me and others to live here.

Terry L. Thompson, Payson

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