Football Is Great, But So Is Soccer



So Payson is a “football town.” I’ve heard this from many. Can’t fight that, but what’s wrong with giving credit where credit’s due for the other sports played during the same season?

Why does football get huge headlines, top billing and endless coverage win or lose, and soccer gets much lesser coverage even though they won the state championship?

To say Payson is a “football town” is just a cop-out. Soccer is just as good a sport as football and, more importantly, the players practice and play just as hard, and dream of state championships just as much as the football players do.

I can cite an issue where the football team lost and the soccer team won (again), yet the football coverage included top half of the page, huge headlines and pictures, while the soccer coverage was much smaller. In this case, the soccer team was going on to regionals.

I used to think newspapers represented an unbiased account of the news. I guess I was wrong. Clearly the Payson Roundup represents itself as a “football newspaper” with continuous coverage of football and only reporting on soccer erratically, and almost as an after thought.

My point: football is great, but so is soccer. The football team did not win the state championship, but the soccer team did. Why not give credit where credit is due? Give the soccer team their 15 minutes of fame. Give them their huge headlines, big pictures, and a detailed article. The boys deserve it, and, believe it or not, there are a lot of people in Payson who care and would love to read about the soccer team’s success.

Shannon Bielke, Wonder Valley

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