Support The Magic In Our Public Schools


This past weekend, something magical happened at the high school auditorium. More than 30 Rim Country Middle School students took two evening audiences on a journey back to the 1960s in a musical play called “Groovy.”

What’s even more wondrous, is what happened to the students themselves. Because they embarked on the experience of musical theater, they were learning teamwork, following direction, gaining confidence and self control, developing communication skills, learning presentation and projection methods, sharpening memorization skills, learning compassion, growing creativity and realizing the value of practice and dedication.

On top of all this, they had fun and created memories that will last a lifetime for both students and parents.

This magic was all made possible because of the teachers, administrators, parents and community volunteers who believe in the creative arts. The RCMS performance was delightful and entertaining. Under the direction of district music instructors Mike Buskirk and Karen Goss, the middle school actors shined. They sang beautifully and danced in costume and character. Supporting the musical was a group of talented local musicians called the Groovy Pit Band who volunteered their time to provide live accompaniment.

I am so grateful for teachers, parents, students and local residents who support the creative arts in the Rim country. The skills our young people are developing in such programs will help them achieve success throughout their lives. Performing and creative arts will not only help our children gain vital social skills, but also will help them achieve better grades academically across the board. This is the magic of the arts.

As the year comes to a close, I encourage every household in Payson to take advantage of the Credit for Kids tax program. It is not a donation, but an actual tax credit you can take and specifically select where you want it to go. Contact the school district for more information, 474-2070.

Let’s give our children credit for what they can achieve.

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