Time To Stop Huge Developments



To the Town Council:

In regards to the article in Friday’s paper about everyone whose house was built before 1991 having to replace their toilets to conserve water really upset me.

There are plenty of senior citizens who can’t afford to pay for these expensive toilets and the installation.

I do not, and many others do not, even come close to using their 5,000 gallon allotment of water.

If this town wants us to conserve water, it is about time our council stopped allowing all these big builders from building these two-acre lots with tract homes like Woodhill and others in Payson West.

These large homes have 2-2/1 or 3 baths, swimming pools and anything they want that uses water.

It is time for this council to wake up and stop these huge developments before we all run out of water.

Constance Swanson, Payson

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