Assault Related To Ongoing Family Feud


The assault in Mesa del Caballo earlier this week was related to an ongoing family dispute, officials said.

Det. George Ratliff, of the Gila County Sheriff’s Department, who is investigating the incident, said the story he has from the people involved and witnesses varies from the information initially reported in the Roundup.

Randy Alan Zimmer Jr., 18, and Randy Alan Zimmer Sr., 45, were arrested for aggravated assault and disorderly conduct/domestic violence Nov. 18 at the Gateway Mobile Home Park.

The Zimmers and the alleged victim, Jeremy Jano, 21, the son of Zimmer Sr., were involved in an ongoing family argument. They were fighting over the alleged theft of goods belonging to the elder Zimmer by Jano.

Both parties were in vehicles on Toya Vista Road in Mesa del when the confrontation started, though the assault happened in the roadway, Ratliff said.

The elder Zimmer told the Roundup Jano tried to run him off the road twice and was the aggressor.

The detective said one version of the story had the two parties in a confrontation, then both driving away.

He said another report had Jano getting out of his vehicle and acting like he had a gun. He took a swing at the younger Zimmer, who put Jano in a headlock, forcing him to the ground. Zimmer Sr. came out of his vehicle and reportedly acted like he was going to hit Jano with a baseball bat and kick him, but actually did neither.

However, Ratliff said there are witnesses who say the senior Zimmer did in fact hit Jano with the bat and kick him.

Ratliff said when he saw Jano in the ambulance, waiting to be airlifted, he only saw marks on his neck and the base of his skull, typical of what would be seen from a headlock, but had no life-threatening injuries. He said Jano was released from Scottsdale Healthcare hospital Monday night with a concussion.

Ratliff said the investigation is continuing.

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