Gone With The Mogollon Wind



The wind that blew through Tonto Village last Thursday night was a destructive wind.

There was damage scattered throughout the Village and no electricity during the night and into Friday.

I have gone around the streets and much of the damage was broken tree branches, pinecones and needles, but a few of our residents did suffer quite a bit of damage.

Chuck and Sandy Huth were in the process of framing a garage and got as far as putting the plywood on the roof. It blew down sometime during the night. He thinks that the wind just lifted the roof and toppled it to the ground. Luckily, it all can be rebuilt, but he wants to thank his neighbors who came over to help stack up the lumber and to give some moral support. They were Clint Daniels, Mike Preston, Pete Koutz, Sam Coe, Harvey Poyner and Phil Davenport.

Pat Bates lost her portable car enclosure; the wind tore the tarp-like material to shreds. Roger Cassuto said that two pine trees blew over by his house, and luckily, they fell into the island between Johnson Boulevard and the Control Road.

The only damage to our place was to the gas grill. The wind just knocked it over like it was a piece of cardboard.

Some of the villagers are guessing that some of the wind gusts got as high as 50 mph.

Health reports, milestones

Get-well wishes to Jerry Farmer. He suffered a heart attack last week. He was hospitalized for a few days and he his home now. Take it easy, Jerry. I hope you are as good as new real soon.

Lori Mulvey had gall bladder surgery last week. She also is now home and doing very well. I hope you are up to 100 percent quickly, Lori, so you can continue to play dominoes.

My sincere sympathy to Brett Zeckoff for the sudden loss of his sister, Shannon Hemming from Minnesota. Brett traveled back to Minnesota for Shannon’s farewell and to be with his family. My condolences to you, Brett.

Michelle Grundy gets to blow out candles on her birthday cake Nov. 24 and Jeff Leonard celebrates his big day Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28. Happy Birthday to both of you.

Tonto Village Fire District Important Notice

Chief J.R. Alliger has issued this important notice for the people in the Tonto Village Fire District:

In agreement with the Payson Regional Area Project, federally funded grants program to identify and remove hazardous materials to control wildland fires.

Last year, Alliger identified the areas of most concern and the funds were made available recently to reduce the vegetation in and around the Tonto Village District. The rules are:

1) Any tree within 200 feet of the boundary of any community may be removed that has a diameter of less than six inches.

2) All trees that are leaning should be removed within the 200 feet.

3) All ‘beetle trees’ should be cut up and removed to the brush pit.

4) The Ponderosa Pit on Highway 260 (the old gravel pit), is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Saturday. Please haul away brush and wood you harvest. Good firewood is yours for the taking.

5) All the above rules apply to the area between Johnson and Control Road.

The idea of this program is to create a firebreak between the forest and the communities in the Tonto Village Fire District. Please do not just cut trees down just for firewood and leave the brush and small junipers.

Please record your time on a sheet of paper and leave it at the Double D, the fire station, or give to one of the members of the fire department. Funds will be granted to us according to the number of hours everyone puts into this project for future rental of equipment to help with this fuel reduction program. Time sheets will be available at the Double D for you to fill out.

Cleaning of your personal property also is included in this program. Hours that you spend raking, cutting and hauling away of brush are also accountable.

The fire department will be conducting fire district cleanup days in the future to help those who cannot clear their own property. Please do not wait until spring to start your brush removal.

If you need further information, contact Alliger at home at 478-0404 or at the station, 478-4875.

New board member

With the name picked from a bowl in Globe on Tuesday, by a county supervisor, the Tonto Village Fire Board now has a new member. His name is Irv Bossert. If you remember, Irv and Lorraine Matthews both had the same number of votes for the one position open on the fire board.

By the luck of the draw, we now have our new member. Congratulations, Irv, We will see you at the next fire board meeting on Dec. 14.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day. No matter where you are or whom you are with, give thanks for all of our blessings ... we truly have many. Give a thought to our servicemen who are not at home and salute them.

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