Residents Have Assured Growth In Education



Nov. 5, the voters of Gila County expressed support for a provisional community college district as well as a joint technological education district in Payson. This was a strong message about our hopes for the future of this community and the people who reside here.

This week is American Education Week. This celebration is about appreciating and acknowledging, as well as reflecting upon the importance of education for our future. It is important that we can take this week and reflect on what has happened in this county and the possibilities before us.

The residents of Gila County, through their actions and votes have assured the development and growth of many facets of education in our high school and in our community college. The possible effects will be seen in the personal development of our citizens and the economic development of our community.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to working with the residents of this county to address the new direction and goals you have created through your vote.

Dr. Barbara Ganz, Provost, Gila County Community College Programs

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