What's Up?


Q: There’s a five-foot section of sidewalk missing on the northwest corner of Highway 87 and Bonita. If someone stole it, I’m sure no charges would be pressed if it’s returned. Can you solve this mystery?

A: The town sent us to ADOT, which sent us right back to the town. By that time, LaRon Garrett, town public works engineer and the man who knows everything that’s going on in town, was able to provide an answer.

“It was a town project when we put the sidewalk down Bonita from Highway 87 to Meadow,” Garrett said. “Either a power pole or traffic signal would have had to be moved I can’t remember which" to put in that last section and we didn’t have the money at that time.”

Garrett said there are no plans to put in that last piece of sidewalk, and, considering budget priorities, there may never be.

Q: Is the landfill still open on Sundays for homeowners’ brush? I haven’t seen any information on that lately. What are their current hours?

A: No, according to Candy Brooks, scale house tech for Buckhead Mesa Landfill.

“It was only open on Sundays when the forest was closed for the fire hazard,” Brooks said. “The supervisors worked with all the other areas and opened it on Sundays only during that timeframe.”

Current hours for the landfill are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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