Murphy Needs To Act Like Everyone Else



I am writing in regard to Ken Murphy and his latest public news story.

I am just a regular person who has had regular jobs and am not one to live in the spotlight, but in my jobs I have had to be responsible for my actions both at work and in my personal life. I have had consequences and they have been for the better of me.

I appreciate Julie (Barcom, Murphy’s fiancee) standing up for her man, but there does appear to be a problem in that household from the outside looking in.

If he is going to stay in office, he needs to be just like everyone else and work on the issues that are a problem in his life and get better not just hide them.

From what I have read, he appears to need intervention for alcohol and also behavior modification. If he is unwilling or unable to do anything for himself that would help, then how can he be our mayor saying he is doing what will help us?

Susie Wicks, Payson

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