Stand Up And Sign The Recall Petition



How many apologies are we supposed to swallow from Mayor Ken Murphy? They are obviously words used only to “make things better” when he behaves outrageously, not based on sincere emotions and he has yet to show true remorse, in my opinion.

I can only parallel his actions with those of my son recently. My son got caught doing something wrong and while he took his lecture and his punishment like a little man, he started crying afterward. When I asked him if he was crying because he was in trouble he replied, “No, it’s because I got caught.”

I agree wholeheartedly with several of Mr. Thompson’s statements:

“The personal life of this individual should not be under public scrutiny; but, when his actions make it a public issue, he discredits all those within the town trying to provide guidance.”

“Ask yourselves, how many people considering relocation to our community or some other town will question the community leadership and image based on information they have, or will read, and choose to reside elsewhere. is about the town of Payson asking Mayor Murphy to represent the people with dignity, class and honor.”

“...the honorable action, Mayor Murphy, would be to withdraw from your tarnished position to help the community rebuild the image that brought me and others to live here.”

Let those of us who are embarrassed by our mayor’s actions have the spine to file the 772 petitions it will take to force a recall. I know I will be one of them.

Amber Schuyler, Payson

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