Now Is The Time For Thanksgiving All Year Long



It’s November, and the trees are losing their leaves, the wind is kicking up its heels, and the weather is getting cooler. The harvest has been collected and we take time to rest a while and give special thanks and reflect on the past year.

We take time to recommit to God and ourselves what will take place in the coming year. We think about the seeds we will be planting, the seeds that will bring us a great harvest, not just for body, but for mind and spirit, and for all things we are.

This last year has been a time of growth for all mankind; a time of learning; a time of frustration and pain; the loss of loved ones and acquaintances.

It has been a time of joy, fulfillment; a time of learning and really understanding who and what we are and where we must place our efforts. It is a time now for using all the things that we have learned in the past and let it reflect in our future. It’s time for us to find that place in our hearts where only love lives and allow it to flow out into the great universe. It’s time to share our lessons with others so that they may benefit from, not just their growth, but from ours also.

It is a time of coming together in love, peace and awareness of where we are in these times of chaos and unrest in our beautiful world. We must send out prayers for peace, and prayers for the leaders of this world that they may lead with truth and integrity.

We must send prayers and love out to those who do not understand that they must stand in truth and trust in our great nation and keep the faith that all is in divine order, even though we do not understand the why of all these things.

It’s time for thanksgiving all through each day, not just on the designated day once a year. We are free, though it is at a price. Free to worship, to think, to speak, to write, free to choose, free to love, free to commit to a life journey, for it is our journey that really counts.

May God bless each of you and may His light shine brightest wherever you are.

Rev. Annelle Henson D.D., Payson

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