Beeline Drivers Collide


There are two versions of what happened, exactly, when two cars collided on Highway 87 near milepost 261 Wednesday afternoon. But the evidence supported only one of those stories, according to Department of Public Safety Officer Tony McDaniel.

A southbound driver, 41-year-old Teresa Faye Jensen of Payson, said she "observed a northbound vehicle in her lane," reported McDaniel, who investigated the 4:35 p.m. accident.

"She thought he was going to keep coming, so she veered to the right to get around him. But then she hit her brakes, went into a skid, and crossed the center line. By that time, she said, the other vehicle had returned to the northbound lane, and they collided."

The other driver, Carlos Leoneo Vega Diaz of Payson, told McDaniel that he had never entered the southbound lane, and that Jensen "'just hit her brakes, skidded over and hit me.'"

Although both drivers "seemed very truthful," McDaniel said, "we're just going on what the evidence says: When (Jensen) applied her brakes for whatever reason, she skidded into the northbound lane and collided with the northbound vehicle."

Jensen was cited for driving at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent to avoid a collision.

Diaz was ticketed for having no insurance or driver's license in his possession.

Injuries to both parties were limited to "complaints of minor soreness," McDaniel said.

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