Character Counts, And It Should Be Demanded Of Leaders



Like Payson Roundup publisher Richard Haddad, I'm saddened to once again read of alleged public misbehavior by Mayor Ken Murphy that reflects badly on Payson.

This is particularly distressing at a time when our schools are giving great emphasis to the Character Counts program.

Character does count and, as we can see in business as well as government, it is particularly crucial that we demand it in our leaders. It is hypocritical to do less.

Mayor Murphy is articulate, personable and appears to have various talents and skills, but he also appears to be in denial about his problems, and that is the greatest impediment to recovery and reform.

As the son of an alcoholic, I'm sensitive to Mr. Murphy's issues, but Payson should not have to accept discredited leadership.

I urge town council members to show their character by actively investigating this matter and by acting upon the facts to possibly censure Mr. Murphy and provide the citizens of Payson with guidance on the correct process for launching a recall should this pattern of behavior once again recur.

Don Crowley, Payson

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