One Year Of Tonto Village News



This week's column marks the first anniversary of the Tonto Village News written by yours truly.

This past year has been like a roller coaster ride regarding my feelings about writing this column.

Sometimes my deadline hits me with a feeling of, "What am I going to write about this week?" Other times there is so much news I barely have enough space to write it all.

I know I have made mistakes about birthdays or events, but I have tried to fix the errors in the next column. If you happen to be one of these people, I apologize.

Probably the thing you need to know about me and this column is that I love doing it and I truly want to let people of the Village know what is going on in their neighborhood. That way, we can feel more connected to each other and be a good neighbor and help when we can. That is the main reason I continue to write this column. I hope the readers have enjoyed the column as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I will continue as long as there is an interest to keep the column going.

Many thanks

I reported last week that Connie Weldon is recovering from an automobile accident a few weeks ago. She would like to thank everyone who has sent cards, given her flowers, said a few extra prayers for her and given her a fantastic supply of food.

A special thanks goes to her daughter Annie and her son-in-law Matt Van Hanehem. Matt has given graciously of his wife so that she could spend some time with Connie to help her get back on her feet more quickly.

Connie has said that there were so many people who have helped her, she would be writing thank-you notes into next year!

Keeping up with the Joneses

Longtime Village residents Bob and Elvera Jones have recently returned from a month-long visit to attend two family reunions in Ohio and Indiana.

They were able to see relatives they had not seen in many years. The weather was great for traveling, no mishaps with vehicles and the rain was almost nonexistent.

They are now happy to be back home in their own bed again.

Pool Sharks

On Sunday, Sept. 29, the men again dominated in the Sunday Shoot-out at the pool tables. Harvey Poyner out-shot everyone and took first place. Again! Bill Saba and Earl Randalman took second and third place.

Ethel Cain, Phyllis Mullen and Ingrid Monk were the first, second and third place winners for Ladies Night on October 1.

The bib overalls have now become a uniform of sorts for the lady pool shooters from the Double D. They say that the overalls are really comfortable!

Village Beautification

Tonto Village III resident Mary Strode is working vigorously with the Forest Service and the Tonto Village Fire District to clean up the area between Johnson Boulevard and the Control Road.

She said that a chipper-shredder is needed along with a few good, strong backs to lift some of the heavier logs that are strewn over the area.

Some of the older residents are having a hard time getting to the mailboxes because of the debris that litters our little bit of the forest.

If you would like to help clean up this area, please call her at 478-0309.

No time or date has been set at this time for the clean-up. It will be printed in this column at a later date.

Fresh look

The Tonto Village Chapel received a facelift in the past few months. Volunteers from the congregation have given the chapel a new paint job. A bit of paint is still needed in a few places, but it sure looks good.

Illegal dumper

Someone had the nerve last week to drop a freezer off near the entrance to Tonto Village, right off Highway 260. Well, it stayed there for a few days, and finally, Loren Long's son, Leon, hauled it away. Thank you, Leon, for taking that eyesore away.

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