If We Don't Use Grant Money, We Lose It


Main Street project manager Karen Greenspoon says she doesn't get it. How can people in our community oppose providing grant money to Main Street property and business owners that would otherwise go to property and business owners in places like Nogales, Lake Havasu, Show Low, Pinetop/Lakeside, Casa Grande, Sedona and other Arizona Main Street communities?

Whenever Greenspoon expresses the thought that such money isn't really costing us anything, the Roundup receives letters from Main Street naysayers expressing their disbelief about Greenspoon's disbelief.

Their argument: How can Greenspoon say that grant money that comes from our tax dollars isn't costing us anything? After all, don't we pay those taxes?

While we can see where both Greenspoon and her detractors are coming from, we have to side with the Main Street manager on this one.

It's true that our tax money goes into the pool out of which grants are funded and that, therefore, we are paying for a portion of those grants.

But while you can argue that such a system is broken, you can also tilt at windmills. For the time being and into the foreseeable future of these grants, they will be funded by our tax dollars and we will have to compete to get our money back.

When you think about it about the relative well being of our country compared to most others an economic system that includes such incentives for free enterprise really hasn't served us too badly.

Greenspoon is not saying our tax dollars aren't used for grant money. She's saying that since that's the way it is, why let the money go somewhere else? That would be akin to cutting off Main Street's nose to spite its face.

If you don't like the idea of grants, write your elected officials, run for public office, or do whatever else you can think of to change it.

In the meantime, keep those grants coming to Payson.

It's our money and we want our fair share.

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