Mogollon Grille Closes


The Mogollon Grille closed its doors Friday morning and laid off all its employees, but the owners say they plan to be operating again soon.

"We're negotiating right now for either a total sale or a reinvestment, and we hope to reopen in about two months," said Sue McIntyre, one of the owners. "We are restructuring and it will be different managing partners."

The principles in the new deal are from the Valley and have been very successful in the restaurant business, according to McIntyre. She said one reason the restaurant closed was because the prospective new management wants to remodel the whole kitchen. "They can't do what they want to do with the kitchen the way it is," she said.

"I knew it was coming," Main Street project manager Karen Greenspoon said. "I just didn't know when. Sue and (her husband and co-owner) Larry (McIntyre) will probably stay involved and they are working on some pretty good things for the Mogollon Grille."

An 84-year-old Payson landmark, the restaurant opened under its current owners in August, 2000. Prior to housing the Mogollon Grille, it operated as a soup-salad-sandwich tea room named Heritage House from 1985 until 1999.

The property was originally built in 1926 as a private residence by Julian Journigan.

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