Christopher Creek Is Changing



The new four-lane highway is in the process of bypassing this small community, and many residents thought it would become very quiet here. I think they may be wrong.

Longtime resident Bucky Haver, who owns a second home on Elk Run Road, has formed a team to develop what they will call The Grand Lodge at Christopher Creek.

Along with Wolfgang Klien, AIA architect, and Aaron Warren, developer, they will build a four-story motel complex, which will include tennis courts, a swimming pool and a world-class spa.

It will have 84 suites with kitchens, laundry, fireplaces and covered decks with whirlpools.

The historical Creekside Restaurant, which has been owned by Olive and John Matus for almost 30 years, will be moved to a new building on the creek.

The trailer park along the creek will no longer exist.

There are many different feelings about this. Some who have been coming to Creekside for almost 30 years hate to see it change. Others welcome change

We cannot predict the future. All we can say is this project is currently in escrow, and the small community of Christopher Creek is in for some changes.

The new highway is going to make the beautiful drive up here even more special. As we watch it being put together, it is awesome.

One thing that remains the same: the people in this small community. They are the friendliest, and it will always be a small town to those of us who live here.

We will still have the most beautiful scenery around. We will still wake up to the freshest air around, the smell of the ponderosa pine, and will continue to enjoy the most unique wildlife, like the elk that has become like a pet to the community.

You can change the businesses, but you cannot change the wonderful people who live in this community known as Christopher Creek.

The weather is getting cold at nights and many of you are using your fireplaces. Please be sure the chimney is cleaned. A chimney fire can be very dangerous, and before you realize it the whole house could catch on fire.

Those of you who use space heaters, also be very careful with them. Keep them away from drapes, carpets and other easily ignitable materials, such as bedspreads, upholstery, etc.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Pastor Olin Adams, past pastor of Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church. He has had back surgery and has been released from the hospital. He will have the staples removed today, and we wish him, and his wife Donna, the best in his recovery.

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