Disgusted By The Mayor's Actions



Ken Murphy is an embarrassment to Payson. I was appalled, if not surprised, when I read Friday's (Sept. 27) paper.

I found the reason Ms. Hinson was reluctant to speak about the incident outside the Ox Bow very interesting. To me, the fact that she was afraid of reprisals and a loss of financial support speaks volumes about how Ken Murphy is perceived. I came away from that article with the distinct impression that Mr. Murphy was just being plain drunk and disorderly. Not receiving the deferential treatment he thought he deserved, he became irate and abusive. In essence, throwing a temper tantrum in an effort to get his way.

I was further disgusted by the response he made to your inquiries. The number of people you can cram into a place and their occupancy level are two very different things. Why was this an issue for Mr. Murphy that night? I don't see how that directly related to his capacity as mayor.

His primary concern is the losses businesses have suffered since 09-11? What does that have to do with this situation, really? That he is trying to use the tragedy that occurred as an excuse to hide behind cheapens the memory of the people whose lives were lost that day. I truly found this comment inappropriate and unrelated to what happened. I don't find that having staff and/or town officials outside of a bar on a weekend guaranteed to be busy an act that would drive a business "into oblivion." In fact, it seems to be a rather good idea, given that bars can be rather rowdy places at times as Mr. Murphy amply demonstrated.

I was not outside the Ox Bow on Aug. 16, but I fully believe that Ken Murphy is boldly lying and expecting us to be dumb enough to believe it. I hardly think that the fire marshal, the police chief, a member of the sheriff's posse and several police officers got it all wrong. Are we to believe that all these people misunderstood or misconstrued what occurred? Ken Murphy's reasons are not and were not valid. On the contrary, they are personal and childish.

Amber Schuyler, Payson

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