Former Mayor Urges "Yes' On Navit



Payson has an opportunity to join the Northern Arizona Vocational Institute of Technology, aka NAVIT. Most of our neighboring towns are already members and highly pleased by their entry. Joining NAVIT will be on the ballot in the coming election.

Voting to approve this measure would be a win-win situation for all of us who call Payson home. The school district would benefit greatly, and that would include a sizeable increase in their funding for vocational training. Our students in high school would benefit by having a greater variety of vocational subjects taught. This in turn would increase their career options and would therefore be an encouragement to stay in school. Young adults already in the work force would have an opportunity, locally, to improve their skill levels, which would enhance their earning power. We seniors would benefit because training will likely include medical assistants, prenursing and fire science, thereby improving the skill levels of medical care-givers and firemen who respond to medical emergencies. Seniors would also be eligible to enroll in any of these classes.

The cost for joining this Joint Technological Education District would be an investment of about $5 per household per year. (This is based on a home valued at $100,000.) This assessment would raise an estimated $90,000 yearly that would go directly to Payson Unified School District to be used for vocational training. In addition, the state would also contribute an estimated $300,000 annually for vocational training. It sounds too good to be true ... but I assure you, it's all true.

By every statistic we've seen that compares the Arizona School System to other States, Arizona is on the low end of the scale. Voting in favor of joining the Joint Technological Education District would greatly improve our school system and would benefit all of us.

I highly encourage a yes vote on this issue.

Ray Schum, Payson

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