Since It's Tax Money, Spend It Wisely



A recent Roundup editorial indicates that the Roundup and Karen Greenspoon have accepted the fact that government grants are funded with taxpayers' money. This is a step in the right direction, but they immediately suggest that because it is taxpayer money, why not get all we can. To quote the editorial, "it's our money and we want our fair share."

The logic has changed from "it's free money, so let's fix up Main Street" to "it's our taxes so let's get our fair share." May I suggest that since we have agreed it is tax money, perhaps it would be prudent and fiscally responsible to spend it wisely.

If you feel Main Street is ugly, shabbily built and in need of renovation, why not say so? I can agree with that. What I find implausible, if not laughable, is that you apparently feel you are spending the money to develop a tourist attraction out of a utilitarian business district. I like a garage, a carpet store, a fire station or a plumbing supply store as well as the next guy, but not as a tourist attraction.

Ed Taves, Payson

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