Those Who Conserve Shouldn't Be Penalized



Re: Tuesday's article on continued increased water use Jim Keyworth reported the town is looking at rate increases for all classes of water users. Why do those who conserve get penalized along with those who could care less? The Town needs to analyze what's wrong with their billing system. Right now, I get charged $18.25 for any usage up to 5000 gallons. Why? This encourages me to use at least 5000 gallons to "get what I'm paying for."

My current water bill is 1,300 gallons usage of water. Why not bill people for the gallons they use if the Town wants to see some real conservation on the part of the people?

Again, why should I conserve? I used 1,300, but could have used 5,000, as I got billed for 5,000 gallons. That's a lot of water usage if a lot of other people in Payson are feeling the same way.

Additionally, the Town should charge an increased rate per each thousand gallons. And, the rate should increase as the usage increases, penalizing someone who uses 50,000 gallons at a higher rate than someone using 30,000 gallons.

And those of us who use less than 5,000 gallons shouldn't be paying for gallons we did not use. What's the town got to intelligently say about this?

L. D. Boynton, Payson

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